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Through Teleconference

3:27 P.M. EDT

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Thank you.  And thanks, absolutely everyone, for signing up for us these days. 

So, as a reminder, this simply call is on background, attributable to a “senior administration formal,” and the contents of the phone are embargoed until eventually the stop of the simply call. 

For your awareness and not for reporting, our speaker now is [senior administration official].  [Senior administration official] will have some remarks at the prime, and then we’ll form of acquire as quite a few issues as we can.  So, in excess of to you.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Formal:  Many thanks, [senior administration official].  And hey, most people.  Superior to be with you currently.

So as you all are conscious, President Biden spoke with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China this early morning.  This was the fifth time the two presidents have spoken considering the fact that President Biden arrived into business office.  And the two concluded their dialogue in excess of the system of about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

And due to the fact I know some people are inquiring: The President, as you could have witnessed from the picture, was in the Oval Office environment for the phone.  And in the place were the National Stability Advisor, Jake Sullivan Secretary of Point out Blinken Principal Deputy Nationwide Stability Advisor Jon Finer Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell and Senior Director Laura Rosenberger.

The contact this morning follows the two leaders’ virtual conversation again in March and builds on a collection of the latest engagements in between the National Protection Advisor, Secretary of Point out, Secretary of Defense, Chairman Milley, and Secretary Yellen, and their PRC counterparts.

President Biden has frequently emphasised the great importance of preserving open lines of interaction to guarantee that the United States and China regulate our distinctions and get the job done together on regions of shared fascination.  This phone was portion of our ongoing initiatives to do that.

They also discussed the value of assembly confront-to-deal with and agreed to have their groups comply with up to find a mutually agreeable time to do so.

Overall, I would say that the dialogue was substantive, it was in-depth, and it was candid.  And the conversation mainly took a few sections.  I need to note that I’m assuming all of you have noticed the readout that we put out, so I’m not likely to repeat that in detail.  But essentially to wander you as a result of the dialogue, a few major parts:

1st was a specific discussion of spots where by the two nations around the world can perform together, with specific target on weather alter and wellness stability, as effectively as counternarcotics.  The two groups will be following up on these parts.  President Biden also lifted the want to resolve the cases of American citizens who are wrongfully detained or topic to exit bans in China, as nicely as longstanding fears about human rights.

2nd, the two leaders exchanged sights on Russia’s war in Ukraine and the world-wide impacts it is getting.

Third, they had an in-depth discussion of Taiwan.  They discussed, you know, as they always do, locations of difference.  And the two, I would say, on Taiwan had a — experienced a immediate and truthful discussion.  President Biden reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to our Just one China Policy, guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the A few Joint Communiqués, and the 6 Assurances.

He underscored to President Xi the United States’ opposition to unilateral changes to the standing quo by both facet, and commitment to the servicing of peace and security across the Taiwan Strait.

The two mentioned that the United States and China have discrepancies when it arrives to Taiwan, but that they have managed individuals for in excess of 40 a long time and that retaining an open up line of interaction on this situation is critical to doing so.

Ultimately, just a bit on how the phone arrived about: This get in touch with, I think as quite a few of you know, has been in the will work for very some time.  I know the President has claimed numerous instances in modern weeks that he was preparing to speak to Xi shortly.

A little bit more element on that: The Countrywide Stability Advisor proposed that the two leaders discuss in the in close proximity to upcoming when he met with Director Yang Jiechi in Luxembourg in mid-June.  The PRC facet followed up on that when International Minister Wong satisfied with Secretary Blinken in Bali, with Overseas Minister Wong proposing a day for the connect with.

With that, I imagine I’ll leave it there and search ahead to your concerns.  Thanks so a great deal.

MODERATOR:  Wonderful.  Could we queue up the issues — sorry, queue up the directions to inquire a question, make sure you?

Q    My first dilemma was about Taiwan.  According to China’s condition news company, President Xi instructed President Biden that “Public opinion shall not be violated.  And if you play with hearth, you get burned.  Hope the U.S. side can see this obviously.” 

Could you just give us the U.S.’s version of this portion of the get in touch with?  Was it distinct that this was specially about Taiwan?  Was it perceived by the U.S. as a direct risk?  And what is the potential retaliation from Beijing that the U.S. is most concerned about at this level?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Nicely, thanks so significantly for the concern.  So very first of all, I’ll just say at the top rated: On this dilemma and others, I’m not likely to get into characterizing the PRC’s place on things.  I will go away that to them. 

I will notice that President Xi utilised identical language in the dialogue that the two leaders experienced again in November.  But, you know, I’m not going to get into parsing the different metaphors that the PRC consistently tends to use on these challenges. 

You know, as I explained, the dialogue among the two about Taiwan: It was immediate and it was straightforward.  And the two leaders, you know, basically talked about the truth that the United States and China have variations when it comes to Taiwan but that they have managed all those for around 40 a long time, and that maintaining an open line of communication on this situation is necessary to continuing to do so.  And for us, you know, direct communication amongst the leaders is the most essential facet of that. 

I believe I’ll go away it there.

Q    Hey, [senior administration official], thanks for executing this.  I know you are possibly heading to give me the talking stage that you are not going to get in advance of any plan for the Dwelling Speaker, but it is really obvious that this is element of the Taiwan dialogue that likely arrived up.  And I’m curious what the President instructed Xi Jinping listed here on this, and no matter whether you are arranging to transient Pelosi on this part of the phone — if the President is heading to communicate to her straight on this.

And then also on a person other location that you want China’s aid on, with regard to energy and how receptive China was on the price tag cap proposal: Is China willing at all to use its spare refining potential to convey down the rate?  Thanks.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Many thanks so much, Jenny, for the problem.  And you perfectly predicted what I was heading to give you, which is, you know, as I mentioned that the top rated, the two leaders had an in-depth discussion of Taiwan.  And as I mentioned, the President reaffirmed, you know, our coverage.  But I’m not going to get into the particulars beyond that on the query of the Speaker’s probable vacation. 

I’d take note that, you know, no trip has been declared.  And as we’ve reported beforehand, it’s her determination. 

On the question of price tag caps: This is not something that was discussed in any element in the conversation.

Q    Okay.  I’m just — yeah, not guaranteed if you can hear me.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  We bought you. 

Q    Alright, wonderful.  So, I mean, looking additional broadly at what appears to be reviewed on the contact, does the administration sense it can shift ahead on other difficulties like climate improve and health stability when tensions are so high about Taiwan?  I imply, could you give us a little bit of insight into the amount of China’s displeasure above this?  And is it envisioned to make development in other places difficult?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Many thanks so a great deal for the concern.  I’d say a couple of factors on this.  One: You know, we have been declaring from the beginning of this administration that, you know, we believe it is essential for the United States and China to operate collectively on places in which our pursuits align, even when we have considerable variances or are engaged in competitors in a variety of various locations.

So, you know, our view is that this is what responsible nations do.  They handle areas exactly where they have variances, and they locate strategies to work with each other for the excellent of their very own peoples and for the popular fantastic of the people today of the globe.  Definitely, weather modify, overall health security, counternarcotics — I’d set those people all in that bucket.

You know, we’ve been pretty obvious, from our perspective, that those are items that we need to have to be able to do.  And I do think that, once more, element of the cause that we imagine it’s significant for the leaders to be possessing these conversations with one yet another and for their senior officers to be possessing these discussions with 1 a further, as they have in recent months and as we anticipate heading ahead, is incredibly a great deal in buy to be in a position to handle these problems.

I, candidly, imagine it’s significantly vital for us to have all those sorts of conversations, especially at the leader level, when tensions are superior.

Q    Hello, [senior administration official].  Many thanks for accomplishing the simply call.  Rapidly, to abide by up on Taiwan — I’m curious: Did President Biden express to Xi at all that he has no manage truly around regardless of whether Pelosi travels to Taiwan, offered she’s in Congress and it’s a coequal branch of authorities?  I surprise if that was section of his information.

And then, on the economy: If modern Chinese readouts are any evaluate, the latest — from past calls, it sounds like Xi put a more powerful emphasis on the significance of, sort of, financial coordination in between the two nations around the world.  So I’m just curious: Did you evaluate that as a key component of the dialogue or main issue for China?  And what does that reveal to you about the — about China’s assurance in the health of its economic system?  Thanks.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Many thanks, Michael.  Appreciate the inquiries.  Allow me choose the financial concern initial.

Once again, not wanting to get into characterizing the PRC side’s sights as a make a difference of theory, but we’d simply just say, you know, absolutely it is a little something that did — that did come up and that he did — you know, he did notice perception in the worth of carrying out so.

I would say that I never feel the — I wouldn’t necessarily examine a difference in emphasis in general public presentation as a difference in emphasis in personal presentation — the two never always align — in, I assume, how they study things out.

So — but, you know, in other words and phrases, I wouldn’t — I would not kind of study also a great deal into that, in terms of what was basically reviewed. 

But absolutely, you know, coordination involving the United States and China on macroeconomic difficulties is something that is of fantastic significance.  It is anything we have done for quite some time.  It is something Secretary Yellen discussed with Vice Premier Liu He when they experienced their virtual assembly on July 4th.  So I consider it’s one thing that we surely will be continuing to focus on.

You know, all over again, on the query of Taiwan, I’m not likely to get into any facts further than what I’ve currently laid out, other than to be aware as a statement of fact that, of program, the legislative department is a independent department of government, different and coequal branch of governing administration.  So I’ll go away it there.

Q    Hello.  Many thanks for having my query.  The readout you gave and the readout that was despatched about does not mention no matter whether tariffs were discussed.  I’d just like to question that question.  Did they get into that at all?  Has there been a dialogue of if the U.S. eradicated some tariffs, is China reciprocating by transferring — eradicating some of the tariffs that it imposed in retaliation?

And now that this contact has been concluded, does that type of distinct the way for President Biden to make a decision on what he’s going to do about tariffs?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Good, thanks.  Thanks so much.  It is humorous when other tales thrust what has been the number-1 tale lessen down the totem pole.  I was waiting around for that just one.

Yeah, so the — on the problem of tariffs, President Biden spelled out to President Xi, you know, President Biden’s main problems with China’s unfair economic procedures, which damage American personnel and damage American family members.  But he did not talk about any possible steps he might choose with President Xi.  And I would — it would be mistaken to consider that someway a conclusion on any up coming actions was in some way waiting for this discussion.

Q    Hi, this is actually Kristen Welker on the get in touch with for Molly.  Thank you, guys, so much for accomplishing this.  We seriously enjoy it. 

Two thoughts.  I do have a single on Taiwan, but I have another just one as effectively.  On Taiwan, did the President appear absent from the simply call with the perception that President Xi would see a take a look at by the Property Speaker as escalatory? 

And my 2nd dilemma is on Russia.  Does the President feel and did he make any headway as it relates to convincing President Xi to alter what administration officials have identified as actions that has “acquiesced” to Russia?  How did he see that aspect of the connect with?  Was there any progress manufactured there?  Thank you.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Formal:  Thanks so a lot.  So I’m not likely to sort of characterize the President’s see.  I’ll permit him speak for himself on his views of the dialogue, but I’m delighted to, once more, communicate to what the two of them reviewed. 

And, you know, on that front — on type of Russia and Ukraine — I would say, the — you know, that the two leaders definitely exchanged a sense of both equally exactly where issues stand at the second with respect to the conflict as perfectly as their, you know, concerns about where points may possibly create.  I would not characterize any specific breakthroughs that I individually observed in that conversation. 

But naturally, supplied, you know, the kind of world effect of Russia’s war in Ukraine, as well as the really specific impact on the Ukrainian persons and on the European continent, it’s an exceptionally significant challenge for the two leaders to continue to explore and for President Biden to make incredibly apparent, you know, his worries there. 

And, you know, on Taiwan, as soon as once again, you know, I’m not heading to get into any further particulars about the conversation.

Q    Hi, can you listen to me? 


Q    Of course, can you hear me?  Hi, can you hear me? 

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Of course. 

Q    Oh, outstanding.  So one dilemma is about the criticism that China is placing out on the CHIPS Act.  They’re criticizing it as a decoupling endeavor by the U.S. that will gain no one.  Can we have a reaction to that?

And then my 2nd dilemma: Did the leaders examine South China Sea tensions?  Many thanks.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Official:  Many thanks so significantly.  Thanks for teeing me up with a wonderful softball there on the CHIPS Act, which I imagine most people noticed the President’s response when it handed the Property.

Yeah, so on the CHIPS Act, what I would just say on that is, you know, variety 1: You know, I believe all of you have read us chat about what our technique is to our — to this administration’s China system.  Essentially, it’s a few elements: It is spend in ourselves and align with our allies and partners in purchase to compete with China. 

And so, the passage of the CHIPS Act is just one of the most critical methods that we’ve been working on in get to genuinely advance the spend piece of our energy. 

You know, enabling American innovation, enabling American management on a essential location of technology in buy to make positive that we continue on to have technological management here in the United States and don’t cede that to China is unbelievably vital. 

And so, you know, from our point of view, we see the CHIPS Act as quite substantially about ourselves and strengthening ourselves from inside.  And so, you know, I believe that that’s very significantly how we see that.  And that’s — you know, I feel that that’s, you know, definitely, again, a main — a main pillar of our solution.

They did not have an possibility to discuss in depth about the South China Sea, but did talk, broadly speaking, about issues about means in which the, you know, Chinese pursuits are at odds with the international regulations-based purchase.

MODERATOR:  Excellent, thank you.  And I imagine that’s all the time we have for inquiries.  But I feel, [senior administration official], you had one particular extra thing you wished to insert?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION Formal:  Yeah, good.  Many thanks, [moderator].  Yeah, I just wanted to observe — again, just to come back to a place from what I pointed out at the top, and then it was, I think, relevant to the concern on, kind of, cooperation and but at a second of tensions. 

And just one thing I would just take note is that the two leaders extremely particularly tasked their teams to observe up on a range of these parts.  There was an trade at the close about how significantly work they’d produced for their teams in terms of subsequent up on the particular pieces, and again, a dialogue about a confront-to-confront assembly staying worked out concerning the teams. 

So I would say that, from my standpoint, there was very significantly a obvious, affirmative agenda that was set ahead and agreed to in — you know, by the leaders for the groups to perform towards.  And I believe which is a definitely significant piece to continue to keep in mind that was, frankly, a quite sizeable aspect of the conversation today.

MODERATOR:  Wonderful.  Thank you.  And thanks, anyone, again, for becoming a member of.

As a reminder, this simply call was on history, attributable to a “senior administration official.”  And the contents are likely to — embargo is likely to lift just after the phone finishes.  Thanks once again.

3:47 P.M. EDT