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Body Beautiful

To keep your body skin soft and healthy, you need to give it attentive care. If you have dry skin or any skin type during wintertime-practice the following routine. Bathe only once a day and limit showers and baths to five minutes. Use lukewarm water and minimize the amount of soap you apply. Olay Complete Moisturizing Body Wash contains petroleum and is good for very dry skin. Concentrate the lather under the arms and in the groin area.

Don’t forget to wash the soles of your feet, between the toes, and your ears. If you have sensitive skin, avoid cleansers with fragrances and skip the loofah or any other abrasive sponge. Keep a pumice stone handy and use on the feet daily or weekly depending on the condition of your feet. When you come out of the bath or shower, only pat your skin dry. Apply a moisturizer, such as Avon Moisture Therapy Body Lotion, Eucerin Plus Lotion, or Arnlactin Lotion, to damp skin to trap moisture in the skin.

In summertime or if you have oily to normal body skin-feel free to take lengthier showers or increase the temperature. You can also shower or bathe two times a day. Loofah sponges are acceptable for exfoliation, but be careful not to make the skin raw or irritated.

If you are a plus-size woman, Maklon Kosmetik don’t forget to lift your breasts and any abdominal folds and wash underneath. Also, lift each arm to wash armpits and one leg to cleanse the groin area. Pat your entire body dry with a towel and sprinkle the body folds with an absorbent powder like Zeasorb AF, which has antifungal properties.

If you have darkened areas on your neck and under the arms (acanthosis nigricans), dark elbows or knees, or small rough bumps on the arms and legs (keratosis pilaris), do not attempt to scrub the problem away. You’ll only irritate the skin. If, however, you notice peeling skin on your towel, you may need to exfoliate manually (using a loofa) or chemically (using exfoliating acids). The following cleansers for the body offer a variety of options for women in color: Olay or Dove Bar Soap, Avon’s Bath Gels, Olay Cleanser for Dry Skin, and Dove Cleanser.

The cotton gloves provide a barrier between your hands and the rubber gloves, which contain ingredients that can trigger an allergic reaction. Cotton gloves also absorb perspiration, preventing irritation and rashes. Try to avoid wearing latex or vinyl gloves for long periods of time and never wear them overnight. Carry a rich hand cream (Neutrogena Hand Cream or Avon Hand Cream) in your purse and apply it many times throughout the day, especially in cold weather.