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Luxury and modern technology have never merged as perfectly as in the city of Dubai. If you want to get away from the cold, Dubai will offer you an abundance of summer activities while also allowing you to take a break in their chilled arenas.

The city is luxurious in terms of couture, cars, restaurants, and seven-star hotels. But that is not even the best part!

No matter where you stay, there will always be an exclusive experience waiting for you around the corner. Before looking for flights to Dubai on Cathay Pacific, ensure you have a checklist ready so you don’t miss out on these unique things to enjoy on your trip!


If you are adventurous and love the thrill of adrenaline, skydiving over Palm Jumeirah Island will be an ideal way to kickstart your vacation.

Palm Jumeirah is one of the largest artificial islands, which alone is enough to attract all tourists. The island is filled with high-end restaurants offering you the finest cuisines with gorgeous views.

However, these views look even more remarkable when skydiving over them. The island is designed like a palm tree that leaves you in awe. The beauty of the design and structure will leave you as astonished as the thrill of the fall. It leaves you in awe to witness what the advanced man has been able to establish.

The Historical Al Fahidi Neighborhood

Dubai used to be a fishing village in the 18th century. It only started developing 60 years ago. However, despite being recognized as a city of advanced technology, it has not disseminated the entirety of its roots.

The historical Al Fahidi Neighborhood has been preserved to uphold traditional architecture, nostalgic views, and the original culture. The neighborhood is best discovered on foot since the narrow alleys don’t allow big cars to pass through.

It is also a more heartfelt experience to be able to stop at every nook and corner to observe wind towers, alleyways, waterways, heritage, culture, and long-standing mosques.

A Visit To The Desert

The famous desert of Dubai is only a 20-minute ride from the central city. Once you arrive, you have many exciting activities to choose from. You can ride on a camel’s back, indulge in dune biking, quad biking, or even sandboarding.

There are often cultural festivities that are also taking place that allow you to immerse in their culture by enjoying their traditional headwraps, caps, and even getting henna painted on your hands.

Visit The Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is often linked with heat, deserts, and the ocean for the right reasons. No matter how hot it gets there, there is a beautiful natural location known as the Dubai Miracle Garden.

This garden makes you feel like a Disney princess walking through the forest. The garden is filled with beautiful, fragrant flowers that uplift your mood. The flowers change according to the time of the year, so the garden is never empty.

Whether you visit in the blistering heat of June or during the cold nights of December, you will relax with a simple walk through the colorful garden.

Beat The Heat With Bougie Waterparks

After all that outdoor activity in the heat and humidity, a visit to a waterpark will be the perfect remedy to cool down. There are a variety of parks to choose from, each having its unique rides and experience.

The parks are also an excellent attraction for children who want to have some harmless fun. Visitors can enjoy water slides and falls or just leisurely lie in the pool to cool their bodies down.

If waterparks are not your go-to, you can always visit the beach! Activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and boogie boarding make it impossible not to have fun. Even if these activities do not interest you, you can get that tan in and enjoy a peaceful read at the beachside.

A Visit To The Mall

If you are a shopping enthusiast, Dubai has a lot of big malls to feed your obsession. However, the most famous mall to visit is the Dubai Mall.

The mall is filled with brands from all over the world. If you are looking for branded shops or everyday necessities, you can find them all in one place. Makeup, jewelry, perfumes, bags, clothes; every item is available from high-end shops so you can enjoy high-quality products,

Other attractions are available such as an indoor skiing venue, aquarium, underwater zoo, ice rink, galleries, and expensive restaurants.

If you plan a date, you can begin with Sky Viewing Observatory, visit one of the galleries, and end the night with some of the most delicious food.

Pampering Yourself

Dubai is famous for some of the best massages and spa experiences. After all that exploring, you are bound to enjoy a few moments to yourself and relax your body. Vacations are all about releasing stress anyway!

The beauty spas offer lava shell massages that unfold any knot causing pain in your body. They also offer a variety of high-end facial treatments that rejuvenate your skin and bring out your inner glow. Some of these treatments even include the use of 24k karat gold.

Taking luxury to the next level has become a specialty for Dubai.

Sunset At The Burj Khalifa

To conclude your vacation, you can enjoy dinner on the top floor of the Burj Khalifa. This skyscraper has over 160 floors that allow you to view the entire city of Dubai or enjoy watching the sunset from the front row.

Depending on the weather, you can either end up dining in the clouds or watch as the world becomes tinier under your feet. The building has some of the classiest and most expensive restaurants that provide fresh, delicious, and traditional dishes so you can end your visit on a happy note.

The Dubai Fountain

Just at the base of Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy a peaceful walk along with the Dubai Fountain. The fountain is designed to erupt and stream according to the music played to display a perfect choreography. The beautiful fountain is a sight not to miss.