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Supermarkets stated they are geared up to put into practice new policies to tackle plastic bag squander, as they urge customers to choose very long-life options.

Abu Dhabi’s ban on solitary-use bags will start off on Wednesday, June 1, and Dubai will introduce a necessary 25 fils ($.07) demand for each and every single use bag from July 1.

Several of the country’s major chains claimed consumers had been prepared to embrace the shift, which was proven to be hugely helpful in Europe and Africa.

Even a nominal charge of 25 fils – equal to the 5 pence charge in bags in the British isles – is expected to be very helpful.

Men and women have been so made use of to having these baggage for cost-free that it is much more of a comfort issue than everything. We will be encouraging individuals to deliver their previous one-use plastic luggage into us to be recycled

Sophie Corcut, sustainability supervisor for Spinneys and Waitrose

This 7 days, supermarket chains have been advertising the sale of ‘bag-for-life’ options, which are usually manufactured of recycled plastics and permitted under the rules. Carrefour offers a woven plastic bag for Dh2.50, a canvas foldable bag for Dh9.50 and a major responsibility juco bag – a mix of jute and cotton – for Dh10.

Lulu supermarkets also supply Dh2.5 significant responsibility plastic luggage. Spinneys and Waitrose provides equivalent.

Bernardo Perloiro, main running officer in the GCC for Majid Al Futtaim Retail, which operates the franchise for French grocery store huge Carrefour, stated the demand marked “dependable retail”.

“As section of Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour is committed to phasing out solitary-use plastic across all our operations by 2025 and starting to be net favourable in carbon and h2o by 2040.”

Plastic luggage had been ‘too convenient’

Sophie Corcut, sustainability supervisor for Spinneys and Waitrose, explained the general public would before long get applied to the new regulations.

“From the discussions we have been owning with customers and from feed-back on social media, I think the response is heading to be overwhelmingly beneficial,” Ms Corcut explained.

“I assume we’ve been organized for this for several, a lot of yrs to be straightforward.

“We formerly ran a demo in Waitrose, charging 25 fils per single-use plastic bag and it was major good results.”

She claimed she the most important hurdle to the scrapping of the one-use bags in the UAE was ease rather than affordability.

“Other nations with reduce money per capita have effectively banned solitary-use plastic bags,” reported Ms Corcut.

“People have been so used to having these luggage for cost-free that it’s extra of a comfort problem than nearly anything else.

“That may possibly be the place the adjust is a minimal uncomfortable for some as the target in the UAE has understandably usually been on giving a terrific consumer expertise.”

Vijayan Nandakumar, director of marketing and communications with Lulu, said people are behind the ban on single-use plastic bags. Photo: Lulu

Joining the group

Kenya introduced a ban on plastic bags in 2017 to relieve the country’s concern of intense flooding brought on by plastic luggage blocking waterways and drainage systems.

The country’s legislation prohibits the manufacture and distribution of plastic luggage, with offenders risking a 4-calendar year jail sentence or a $40,000 high-quality.

Thailand issued a ban on the sale of plastic baggage in all supermarkets and merchants in 2020.

There has also been a total ban in Rwanda considering the fact that 2008, with insurance policies which include luggage queries at borders to confiscate any plastic bags being brought into the region.

Tariffs on the use of these kinds of bags are also in area in much more than 30 nations globally, with complete or partial bans currently being enforced by more than 90 nations.

Practically 300 million tonnes of plastic air pollution is developed every calendar year globally, in accordance to figures produced by the UN Atmosphere Programme.

Only nine per cent of all plastic squander at any time ends up remaining recycled with the relaxation acquiring its way to dumps, landfills and other all-natural environments.

It is estimated by the UN that oceans could incorporate more plastic than fish by 2050, unless present developments are reversed.

One of Carrefour's reusable alternatives to single-use plastic bags. Photo: Carrefour

Enshrined in law

The simple fact the ban has been published into legislation will also be certain its achievements, Ms Corcut said.

“In Dubai we will have to carry out the fees for the baggage or else there will be penalties,” she said.

“It is not voluntary, absolutely everyone has to comply and there will be continual inspections.”

She added that while there is not a total ban in Dubai, with rates for every single one-use bag being applied, her firm is dedicated to phasing out their use totally.

“We are setting up on not having any solitary-use plastics in any of our merchants by the finish of the summertime,” she said.

“We will be encouraging people to bring their old solitary-use plastic baggage into us to be recycled.

“Customers who also carry their individual bags to use in Dubai will also get 25 fils reduced off their invoice way too.”

The charge on single-use baggage in Dubai does not apply exclusively to plastic possibly.

The tariff handles any plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic and plant-based biodegradable elements that are 57 micrometres thick or fewer.

A micrometre is one particular thousandth of a millimetre.

Purchasers who choose not to deliver their individual baggage to carry their purchasing household will have the possibility to get more time-use luggage in retail outlet, which are much less unsafe to the ecosystem.

This coverage is currently being executed by most of the big retailers across the country.

Other supermarket chains in the UAE have welcomed to move to tackle the challenge of solitary-use baggage.

“There may possibly be a few hiccups on the day when the ban is very first released, but nothing at all big,” Vijayan Nandakumar, director of advertising and marketing and communications with Lulu, claimed.

“That’s comprehensible but I believe consumers are aware and also guidance the ethos of this transfer.

“We’ve had an recognition marketing campaign for some time and people appear to be to be getting powering it.”

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